Windows Applications

Office Chart Template

Creating custom chart style with given artwork. Customizing Column, Line, Pie, Bar Area, Scatter, Stock, Surface, Radial and Combo charts, Cluster and Stacked, both 2D and 3D appearances. Technology: Microsoft Office 2013

XTrader API Tool

The application allows the user to drag and drop a "future" from the xTrader application into the window and visualize the changes in the future's data. Technology: Win forms application. Developed with ASP.NET and C#. Using the xTrader's API - XTAPI.

Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange application is designed to, optimisticly, get all the companies from a stock market and with using free stock services or parsing HTML data from official websites to get the data about a company in a stock market. Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET C# Selenium Web Driver

Mail Sender

ASP.NET C# Console application that reads mail sender data from XML configuration. The application generates mails for each record in the configuration file and sends all of them at once. Technology: Microsoft ASP.NET C#

Cognism App




Quote Calc

Implemented using .Net technology ( C# .Net 4.5 ) Using XML files as database and configuration files. Using Object databinding in background logic.

Document Viewer

Windows Forms Application, that allows the user to preview a personalized PDF document without chance of save, copy, print it. Application that use Thirt party dll that override ActiveX dll for PDF document and allows the user to forbbid the save, copy, print function of PDF. This application is build dynamically using C# CodeProvider.

SMO Interface


MLS Import

(C#, SQL Server, Excel) – A winforms application that handles importing of Microsoft licenses from MLS files

LBBS Payroll


WPF Information Distributor

(C#, SQL Server, WPF) - An admin wpf tool that helps managing of sending mails, FTP details

SQL Mini Studio

(C#, SQL Server, WPF) - A wpf tool that is a simplified version of SQL Server management studio

SQL Admin Tool

(C#, SQL Server, Silverlight) – A wpf application that handles management of SQL Servers (backup, restore…)

Student Photo Booth



Windows form application that is used for processing specific excel files. All the domains from the excel file are retrieved and foreach doman is called nslookup command. The result from the nslookup is processed with specific rules and based on the rules results are populated in specific column in the same excel file. Technologies: C#, Excel Interop library


Win Forms application that is used to process xml files and generates HTML Reports based on the data retrieved from the xml Technologies: C#


(C#, SQL Server, WPF) – A wpf application to manage sending of messages


(.Net 4.0, C#, MySQL, SQL Server) - CRM Contacts application, Modeling the database, importing of massive data, creating light-fast searches by numerous criteria, enabling exporting of stored data in chunks... Project goal: Manipulate massive data (collect, search, extract...)

MP3 tagging tool

(C#, SQL Server) - A winforms tool that handles managing of MP3 media data


(C#, SQL Server) - A winforms app for human resources


(C#, XML) - Crawling DiscoGS API


(C#, SQL Server, WPF) – A wpf tool that handles importing of certificate keys

Exchange Sync



Image recognition application. When started, it captures the screen and the numbers from that are within specific place on the screen. For example in the picture below it will recognize 35 and 100 as numbers and it will write into output file specified in application configuration Technologies: C#, tesseractengine3

Social Sign Recognition



(SQL Server 2000, DTS) – running monthly billing

NIA Forms

(Adobe Acrobat Professional) – creating PDF forms

Web Client

(C#, Linq2Sql, SQL Server, Silverlight, MVVC) – A very complex large project that handles license management

SharpShooter reports

(C#, SQL Server, Silverlight) – Silverlight reporting for .Net


(C#, SQL Server, Excel) - A winforms application that handles importing of Microsoft licenses

License Balance Report

(C#, SQL Server, SQL Server assemblies) – Creating a SQL Server assembly that reads data from the DB and produces a report

SAM assistant

(C#, .Net 3.5, Infragistics, SQL Server) – Custom desktop application that can import licensing data from Microsoft MLS and ELP documents into SMO Suite and do different XML exports/imports

AD Interface

(C#, .Net 3.5, Infragistics, SQL Server) – Desktop Application that can read Active directories and associate and import data into SMO Suite

Winforms Information Distributor

(C#, SQL Server) – An admin winforms tool that helps managing of sending mails, FTP details

PGP Encryption

(C#, SQL Server) – A console application that handles importing and exporting of certificates

XML/XSD parsing

(C#, XML) – A small tool that helps parse xml files

Offers Portal Intranet web site

(C#, SQL Server) – A set of intranet sites that manage the process of handling offers between suppliers, producers…

Exporting from SharePoint to SQL Server and Sharepoint Lists

(C#, SQL Server, SQL Server Assemblies) - Creating an app for linking SQL Server to SharePoint lists

Windows 6.5 mobile

(C#, SQL Server, WPF) - A small app for windows mobile

Import certificates to stores

(C#, SQL Server) - A console application that deals with importing certificates

Harvestor scrapper

(C#, SQL Server) - A windows service that collects data from web sites

Harvestor Admin

(C#, SQL Server) - A web site that allows admin users to handle previously collected data

Color state program

(C#, OCR) - A small tool that does data recognition on previously collected images

OCR application

(C#, imaging) - A small tool that recognizes objects and colors from some pre-defined images

Active Directory Tool

(C#) - A tool

Bluebook reports

(Crystal reports 8.0, VB 6.0, Oracle) – fixing the existing crystal report and changed it’s data feeding

The Lipman Company

(C++,MS Access, VB 6.0) – bug fixes, enhancements, new reports


(VB 6.0, MS Access) - Utility for scanning through flders, reading files, filling tables

Word Automation

(VBA) - Creating VBA macros to read through set of word docs and produce new summarized ones based on given rules

Oracle SPs

(Oracle 8.0) - Created a dynamic, on-the-fly sorting procedure

ViK Prilep

Main IT consultant for establishing a MIS – hw, networking, sw, applications


(Vb 6.0) - Converting shape’s vector data to DB

DVS system – Jordan

(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app

Safe Yield

(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app


(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app


(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app


(Delphi 3.x, MS Access) - Water resources desktop app

Jordan Runoff module

(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app

RWSD Tanzania

(MS Access) - Water resources desktop app

Excell Macros

(VBA) - Creating automation and calcs with VBA

Jim Ensor, Australia, 1993-1996

(MS Access) - A management application that covers all aspects of running a big shopping centre (renting, maintenance, payments..) with reach reporting

Perfekt, Macedonia, 2001-2002 - Real estate

(MS Access) - Desktop application that collects info on people who sell, rent and seek properties with photos. Rich search and reporting enabled as well as “upload to web” feature

GIM, Macedonia, 2001

(Delphi 5.x, Paradox) - An application that helps producing plotter images, by using db data and drawing directly to the canvas

Zegin, Macedonia, 2000

(MS Access) - Desktop application that collects custom data and payments and reports on import-export transactions per quarter, year, company

Galaxija, Macedonia,1999

(Delphi 5.x, Paradox) - Application for a money exchange office

Plenex, Macedonia, 1998

(Delphi 4.x, Paradox) - Inventory app that enables warehouse management (purchases, selling, current stock, debts…)